Tell us about Dahlia Web Designs LLC.

Dahlia Web Designs LLC was formed by Dahlia Benaroya about 8 years ago to provide Website and Internet Marketing strategy and design services. Our clients are typically small businesses that are either established or starting up. We plan strategically and implement tactically to help businesses meet their business goals within their budget. Dahlia has over 25 years experience in business and technology integration. Prior to forming this company, she was the directory of Business/Technology Integration at an international pharmaceutical company, where she was responsible for spearheading strategies, implementing projects, and ensuring customer service.

We have 5 divisions within Dahlia Web Designs LLC. The primary focus is on the website and internet marketing services. Our Surefire Organization division focuses on business and organizational management. We formed this because of our belief that business strategies go hand-in-hand with website strategies and development. A website not only supports marketing; it also facilitates and enables a small business to develop and improve its business processing, the methods of communications with customers and administrative procedures. As a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor and experienced in managing budgets, we assist clients in their financial analyses.

A special initiative of ours focuses on children. We have several divisions with this in mind. Our Kids Love To® website series is devoted to showcasing children's achievements and portfolios for professional, scholastic or family endeavors. This is a directory of small businesses that offer children's products and services. This service not only helps the members market their businesses, it also helps potential customers find wonderful products and services for their children..

What specialties do you bring to your customers?

Customers and clients appreciate our professional and customer focused approach. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customer to understand their business processes, goals and budget, to tailor our service for them. Our expertise in business/technology integration and customer service is key to enabling us to meet the challenges facing our customers. Many of our clients are too busy to think of everything; we are able to guide them to the right direction in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What are some of the lessons that your business has taught you? What advice do you have for others providing such services?

Mostly, to be patient and have confidence that what one enjoys doing will succeed. One has to enjoy the process of developing a company even before it succeeds. Being flexible and offering multiple approaches is critical in order to meet client objectives. Understanding how businesses work is critical in website design too.

Tthe technology changes rapidly but one should understand if and how the technology applies to the client's business. Understanding the business processes will enable a designer to implement with cost efficiencies and effectiveness in mind.

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