Baby Instructions
As the title of my book says, "Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions." My book as well as my services provide parents with easy-to-use, mom and dad-tested, pediatrician approved tips to make those first years the easiest and best! Format in list form, 1-2 sentence bullet points-no cumbersome reading here. Just pick the tip that you think will work best to get baby to sleep, stop crying, take her bottle and a myriad of other "help" topics. I teach confidence so you can enjoy your baby every minute of the day! My book provides all the instructions new parents need!
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DolceVita Media
Embracing and explaining the adult world of work to the children we love: This children's book is little girl's rendition of what she thinks her mommy is doing on a business trip and why she works. It's a fun, positive story with the positive message that no matter what, mommy loves her and is coming home soon. The book has helped make kids much less upset and confused about business travel or any time parents spend away from them.
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Double Up Books
Double Up Books is the premier bookstore for twins, triplets & more... We specialize in books about twins and multiples for both parents and children. You've come to the right place for the best selection of twins books, triplet books & more... We are a full-service twins bookstore featuring books about parenting and raising twins, twin and multiples pregnancy, breastfeeding twins and multiples, childproofing for twins, twin and multiples psychology, twin baby memory books and more! We also sell a handpicked selection of parenting, family, relationships, home life and children's books too!
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East Coast Etiquette
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Manners! is a humorously charged, tongue-in-cheek look at the importance of manners. With asprinkle of humor, the author approaches the subject of manners from a child's perspective. While many children understand the importance of manners, if given the chance, many would probably like to pretend that manners don’t exist-sometimes! This group of rambunctious children demonstrates how much fun it would be to set manners aside. But parents, have no fear! The book begins with the children thumbing their noses at the importance of manners. However, in the end they come full circle, understanding that manners are in fact a very important part of their lives-every single day.

Ebooks4Kids LTD
Bring the Magic of Books to Life for YOUR children. We publish animated children\'s picture books where children can read along to the highlighting words in time to the audio, or if they are starting to read themselves they can click on a word to hear it spoken. The illustrations are animated and each book has real page turning effects. Games and puzzles and jokes also available on the site too!
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Maren Green We specialize in publishing 'books good for young children™ '. Our books support and expand young children's understanding of their life experiences in positive, affirming, fun, and educational ways. We publish well-written, age-appropriate books with colorful, engaging, and multicultural illustrations.
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Murphdog & Company
We bring kids together through shoared common interests.
Our "G" rated books promote communication by way of intervention to head off conflicts, e.g. bullying, odd "man" out situations, making the right choices, etc. We appeal to the family as a whole. Our stories beg for the right answer to the question, "What would you do if...?" Related branded toys and products e.g. Plush Murphdogs, Logo Tee Shirts, Caps, Mouse Pads, Dog Carriers, etc.
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Personal Child Stories
We create custom children's books and stories using their personal photos and custom written text. All books are laminated and bound for durability and safety (even toddlers and infants can chew on them and not do damage). Books are created in ANY language and/or in multiple languages. Books can also be created for special needs (custom "social stories"), dealing with behavior issues as a positive behavior modification strategy.
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The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid
A peanut buttery tale that will stick with you!...The first in a series of children's books. "The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid" is an excellent children's book to captivate ages 4-100! A percentage of sales is donated to The Wellness Community. No one in the world loves peanut butter more than Elmer Kay. The taste of every drippy, gooey spoonful of peanut butter always makes him grin. Will Elmer's mother find a jar big enough to satisfy his ever-growing appetite? Or will he find himself in a peanut butter jam? Join Elmer on his journey in The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid!

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