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Free Coloring pages online.
Your child may say "It's difficult. I don't know how to do it. I don't want to go to school." You say, "I don't want my child to express such an unpleasant feeling towards his studies!". The key to the success of your child's first steps in school is their language! Let them love their language! How? A.B.Coloring aims at creating a funny friendship between children and letters through a fascinating way... through vivid drawings characterized by their innocent looks. What will your child do? He or she will color the drawing and the empty letter in each word. At the end, your child will be able to know and form all the alphabet letters. They will be also a skilled colorist and happy to study simply and enjoyable. Give your child a chance to discover the secrets of letters with A.B.Coloring!

Ana Benaroya, Freelance Illustrator
Ana Benaroya is an illustrator, typographer, and designer, based out of New Jersey. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art to receive her BFA in Illustration with a minor in Art History. While there, she produced mass amounts of artwork and worked/interned for clients such as DC/Vertigo Comics, ABC World News Tonight, and The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. She has received awards from American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, Print Magazine, and the Society of Illustrators.

Her clients include The New Yorker, The Stranger, Time Out NY, Computer Arts Projects, Plansponsor, Nickelodeon Magazine, LA Weekly, Planadvisor, SEED, Pretty Empire, Gama-Go, Poetry Magazine, Princeton University Radio, WFMU, and ABC News.

Ana's freelance illustrations include the logos for the Kids Love To® Write , the Kids Love To® Draw, as well as cover illustrations for children's books, tee-shirt designs, hand-drawn sneakers.

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Buff Tuff dot com
Families, Athletics, and Youth Event Photography in which to build and strengthen the youth of our community and country
We convert photos into slideshows for friends, families, colleges, and universities to see the potential talent in our young people. We also volunteer at local youth functions and events in an attempt to strengthen our youth spiritually and physically for a more brighter and guaranteed successful future.

Cultural Care Au Pair
I have been a local coordinator for 18 years helping families with their childcare needs and truly beleive in the au pair program and the benefits that it has to offer to today's families.
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Dahlia Web Designs LLC
We offer website and internet marketing strategies and design services.

Data Recovery Software
No need to go for expensive hard drive recovery specialist, simply download cost-effective data recovery programs and rescue all missing files.

Fairy Line Naturals
We are a company devoted to our community. We donate 25% of our monthly budget to serve the community by sending our Fairies out to sprinkle fairy dust and good cheer, give products to sick and underserved children and education/entertain the community.
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Game Classroom
Educational Games, Worksheets and Homework Help For Kids
Game Classroom offers free homework help and math games to students, parents and teachers. Very enjoyable for all!
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Be Prepared... When Time Matters Most
Our service is great because it enables parents to be as prepared as possible in a missing child emergency. InstantAmber is an online service that allows parents to securely store information and photos of their children, which can be instantly accessed by law enforcement in a missing child emergency. InstantAmber provides unlimited storage and data updating and is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. In an emergency, every second counts.
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Instore Kids Corners
We offer a large number of different Play Systems, play modules and interactive games but the basic principle for all these products is the same: “Turning Play Into Profit”. Instore Kids Corners develops play systems that aim to keep children busy in a educating and fun way. This means the parents can take their time to do their shopping while their kids play in the kids corner. When talking to a sales representative or when walking through a supermarket the parents are no longer distracted by their children so they can focus on what they came for.
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Kids Love To® website series,
The Place To Recognize Your Children's Achievements
Recognition is key to success. Showcase and recognize your child's achievements for scholastic or professional endeavors or for saving special memories. Members of Kids Love To® are offered special discounts to upgrade to individual websites. This is a great opportunity for preparing portfolios. Our series includes

Mommy Perks
Mommy Perks offers PR services at a fraction of the cost, compared with other PR companies. We also offer numerous giveaways on our Enter to Win page and through our popular VIP Blog. Every business that lists with us offers a PERK of some kind for kids and each one also provides a PERK when shopping with the Mommy Perks discount code. We also run lots of giveways and many are kid-related (items that parents can use with kids, etc). We've got a Kid's Corner blog with articles and crafts as well.
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Munchkin Melodies
Our Personalised Childrens Birthday CDs are individually recorded and can include ANY NAME and start with a personal message. We can make your child the star of 5 fun filled songs
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Patrice Mitchell Photography
A portrait photographer with a unique artistic perspective, specializing in babies and children. Located in Lehigh Valley, PA, also serving NJ and NY.

Zoodles is a safe and educational way for your child to play online. We offer a child browser designed for children and ensure that your child plays with age and skill level appropriate games so they can learn while having fun!
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