Spotlighting Members Who Contribute to Special Causes

Fairy Line Naturals
We are a company devoted to our community. We donate 25% of our monthly budget to serve the community by sending our Fairies out to sprinkle fairy dust and good cheer, give products to sick and underserved children and education/entertain the community.
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Perfect Party By Cody
Social Entrepeneur, Facilitator, Founder of Parties From Your Heart & Books From Your Heart, for very sick kids. The most Perfect Themed Party your children, family or workplace will ever have is the one they Donate From Their Hearts to the Canuck Place Children. Over 200 Themed Party Packs for your Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Kids Parties and more that support 350 Canuck Place Children's Hospice Kids with life threatening illnesses. Make your next Perfect Party count. Made in America and Duty Free Shipping to USA and Canada to your door. Canuck Place children face incredible challenges every day! Help bring smiles to their faces by providing them with FREE themed parties through Parties From Your Heart.

The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid
A peanut buttery tale that will stick with you!...The first in a series of children's books. "The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid" is an excellent children's book to captivate ages 4-100! A percentage of sales is donated to The Wellness Community. No one in the world loves peanut butter more than Elmer Kay. The taste of every drippy, gooey spoonful of peanut butter always makes him grin. Will Elmer's mother find a jar big enough to satisfy his ever-growing appetite? Or will he find himself in a peanut butter jam? Join Elmer on his journey in The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid!

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